Suzanne got her first passport at age ten when her family moved to England for six months. That experience set off a true passion for travel and life overseas. Since then, she has traveled extensively throughout the world including Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia, Canada, Mexico and Brazil. Every trip holds a special place in Suzanne's heart so it's hard to pin point a favorite but highlights so far include seeing the Great Wall and Terracotta Warriors in China, Komodo Island in Indonesia, and Iguazu Falls in Brazil. 
In addition to living in England, Suzanne has lived in Denmark, Canada, Indonesia and several great American states. She never says no to an adventure! Her personal travel style cannot be defined because she loves to do it all: all inclusive, five star hotels, remote hostels, beaches, live aboard sailboats, treks through the jungle . . . they all have a time and a place for Suzanne.
What's on Suzanne's bucket list: An Alaskan cruise, Iceland, Africa and a return trip to Australia to see Uluru.